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Empowered by a team of experienced Node.js developers, Markovate is an established Node.js development company that aims to offer the most reliable, secure and performant Node.js mobile apps that derive business growth for companies of all sizes, right from small businesses to large-scale enterprises.

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What Is Node.js?

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Node.js is a renowned JavaScript runtime environment built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine with a daunting ecosystem. Known for being a robust, lightweight and scalable environment, Node.js offers the world’s largest ecosystem of open-source libraries to users with impeccable features such as an event-driven model, serverless architecture, and many more.

Node.js development framework that accelerates our mobile app development

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Being one of the renowned names for mobile app development, Markovate strives to deliver the best Node.js development services focused on features, highest performance, and robust functionality using the most advanced Node frameworks.


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Another epitome created by the developers of Express that aims to reduce the middleware bundle of development and offer freedom for engineers to develop without any automation.

  • Modern & Futuristic

  • Error Handling

  • Cascading Middleware


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Another renowned Node Framework that is known for higher-level capabilities that increase development speed and aid the functional connection between the server and the client

  • Powerful associations

  • Support WebSockets with no additional code

  • Declarative, reusable security policies


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Another popular and flexible middleware framework that equips the developer with the necessary tools to bridge the functional relationship between the server-side with a database and a client-side with the user interface.

  • Rapid Server-side Programming

  • Super High Test Coverage

  • High Performing and Templating

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Another Node Framework that supports the development of real-time applications where servers are required to push the data without being requested from the client-side.

  • Binary & Multiplexing Support

  • Reliability

  • Auto Reconnection Support


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Another renowned Node framework that offers a package of integration tools necessary for building server, mobile, web, and desktop apps.

  • Full-Stack Solution

  • Database Integration

  • Custom Package Management

It’s no news that Node has raised the programming world to another level with its high scalability and rich ecosystem. But why do mobile app developers choose Node.js for development? Well, here’s an answer to it:

  Language sharing across the stack
  Rapid Development
  A Seamless JSON support
  Ideal for microservices architecture
  Native support in AWS

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ReactJS for mobile app development

Node.js has emerged as the most reliable technology for building the back end of most apps. Equipping users with numerous open source libraries with outstanding features, Node.js can be used to create:

  Internet of Things (IoT)
  Real-Time Chat Apps
  Single-Page Applications (SPAs)
  Real-Time Collaboration Tools
  Streaming Apps
  Apps with microservices architecture

Our transparent execution of Node.js app development

Our customer-centric approach

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Markovate's transparent execution

Transparent execution

Our customer-centric approach

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markovate's execution mobile

Want to know how we excel at offering the best Node.js app development services? Well, here’s our little secret – Key elements that we focus on while we develop a Node.js mobile application.

  Coding Standards
  Dedicated Teams
  Agile Methodologies

Node.js app development team

Our tools & tech expertise

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Convert your product idea into a reality!

After you get in touch with us, our technology consultant will set up a Zoom call and work with you to:

Understand your product and business goals

Analysis how your product can solve a specific business problem

Determine the required team structure

Recommend the most suitable technology stack

Identify any technical risks and key challenges

Estimate the cost and timelines

We understand the confidentiality of your idea, so we will sign a non-disclosure agreement before our scheduled call. Once we have all the details, we will prepare a detailed product development proposal for the stakeholders to review.

Need more info on how we can help? Let's have a chat.

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FAQs about Node.js app development process

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What are the advantages of Node.js Development?

Node.js is one of the most preferred languages when it comes to mobile app development. And the reason behind this is the multi-platform code compatibility, speedy native bindings, cloud scalability, rapid MVP delivery, and numerous available extensions and packages that help the developers build some of the most complex apps.

Is Node.js suitable for enterprise applications?

There are numerous programming languages to choose from for mobile app development, and every programming language has some significant differentiating factors. Especially when it comes to developing an enterprise application, Node.js can be a great option as this particular app programming language offers modern tooling and a forward-looking way of creating complex apps with ease.

How much does it cost to develop a Node.js Project?

Being the best node.js development company, we offer the best mobile app solutions that derive results. However, the project’s cost depends on various critical factors of Node.js development, such as the industry the app belongs to, the app’s complexity, timeline, required resources, development cycles, testing phases, etc. If you have a Node.js app development idea, it’s time to act and not wait; choose the best node.js development services and start working on it.

Do you provide maintenance and support after developing a node application?

Maintenance is an essential aspect of any app development process, and we strive to do our level best to offer services aligned with your business objectives. We can adapt to any tools you use to communicate or report bugs to make the Node.js development process a seamless experience.