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Being an acclaimed React.js Development company, Markovate has a team of proficient React.js developers who aim to streamline business goals by offering a broad spectrum of React.js web and app development services. Our expert React.js developers intend to utilize the most advanced tools and developing techniques to offer a performant and innovative solution reciprocating business growth and impact.


What is React.js?

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Created by Jordan Walke, a software engineer working for Facebook, React.js is an open-source JavaScript library used to handle the view layer for web and mobile applications.

React allows developers to create fast, scalable, and simple user interfaces of web applications that can change data without reloading the page. In addition, it can be used with a combination of other JavaScript libraries or frameworks, such as Angular JS in MVC.

React.js UI/UX

Goal-driven Intuitive user interfaces that cater to our client’s expectations.

React.js Native
App Development

Development of dynamic, feature-rich mobile applications that work flawlessly on both iOS and Android.

React.js Web Design
and Development

Designing and developing engaging web applications powered with React.js/Redux.

Front-end Development
using React.js

React.js is preferred as one of the best choices for the front-end due to its unique features like lightweight DOM and one-way data binding.

QA and Testing

Aim to adhere to the highest quality standards for the applications with stringent quality assurance(QA) and testing.

Custom React.js

Offering professional assistance for custom React.js development, including migration for clients, plugin development, and integration.

React.js is faster, simpler, adaptable and scalable. Considering the rich features and high-performant solutions of React.js, it has become the business’ foremost preference. Here are a handful of reasons why mobile app development companies choose React.js for their app development projects:

  Reusable Code — Saved Time and Money
  Hot and Live Reloading — Quick Changes
  Truly Native Feel
  3rd party Plugin Support
  Popularity & Community Support

ReactJS for mobile app development

Our transparent execution of React.js app development

Our customer-centric approach

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Markovate's transparent execution

Transparent execution

Our customer-centric approach

Digital Marketing Agency Toronto
markovate's execution mobile

Want to know how we excel at offering the best React.js app development services?

Well, here’s our little secret – Key elements that we focus on while we develop a React.js mobile application.

  Customer Satisfaction
  Experienced Developers
  Agile Procedure
  Integrity & Transparency
  Dedicated Teams
  On-time Delivery

ReactJS for mobile app development

Our tools & tech expertise

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Convert your product idea into a reality!

After you get in touch with us, our technology consultant will set up a Zoom call and work with you to:

Understand your product and business goals

Analysis how your product can solve a specific business problem

Determine the required team structure

Recommend the most suitable technology stack

Identify any technical risks and key challenges

Estimate the cost and timelines

We understand the confidentiality of your idea, so we will sign a non-disclosure agreement before our scheduled call. Once we have all the details, we will prepare a detailed product development proposal for the stakeholders to review.

Need more info on how we can help? Let's have a chat.

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FAQs about React.js app development process

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Is React.js is a framework or a library?

React.js is a front-end library used to build intuitive elements that end users interact with and within their browser windows and mobile phones.

Why is React.js so practical & popular?

React.js was built to improve the performance of applications. Mobile development companies that prefer React.js development are assured of better performance. React.js helps prevent updating of DOM, leading to faster development and delivery of a better user experience.

Do your React.js development services include migration services?

Yes, our React.js development services include migration services to React. We are help businesses to existing software to the React framework without disturbing current operations.

How can I track the progress of development?

As a proficient React.js development company, Markovate offers the best project management tools for real-time insights and effective communication. While offering React.js development services, we usually use JIRA, Asana, Trello, and Clubhouse, whichever our client chooses to go ahead with.

How does React.js reduce app development costs?

One of the significant benefits of using React.js by renowned mobile app development companies is reducing cost and time-saving. When developers use React.js, they have to write JavaScript code for applications once that can directly be compiled and reused for another device or OS.