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With the advent of tech giant Google’s cross-platform frameworks, building mobile apps that work perfectly on all operating systems be it Android or iOS is a trend these days. Backed by a team of expert strategists, designers and flutter app developers, we at Markovate are committed to offering performance-driven flutter app development services using the best and the most advanced flutter mobile development tools in the industry.

We are obsessed with delivering robust, scalable multi-platform flutter mobile applications which are built with expressive UI, fluid animations, and a strong backend that offers the highest level of user experience and app performance.

Flutter applications development

What is Flutter?

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Flutter is Google’s own UI building framework & a software development kit. Empowered with an intuitive interface, a library of elements, and a lot of templates, Flutter is one of the most versatile interface design tools used to develop a native user interface for Android and iOS.

Markovate’s Flutter mobile development process: Agility in action

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Our experienced flutter developers truly believe in the potential of the Flutter framework and harness it thoroughly to help businesses discover the most relevant opportunities for their products and services by offering the best in industry flutter app development services.

1. Analysis & planning

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The first and foremost step is to discover the client’s requirements, analyze the challenges, check its technical and economical feasibility and then make a roadmap for a successful flutter application development.

2. Wireframe & UI/UX design

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Once the roadmap is curated, the next step is to design the appearance of the flutter application.

This is one of the most important parts of the app UI design process, as the decisions made here will reciprocate into the user experience of the app.

3. Dart app development

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Once the design is finalized, the next step is to develop a Dart application. Basically, Dart is a programming language designed for the development of web and mobile apps, and building servers.

Once the Dart application is developed, Flutter uses Dart to avoid the need for a separate declarative layout language like JSX and XML, making it easy for developers to read and visualize it very easily and effortlessly.

4. Front-end and backend development

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Once the Dart app is developed, it package allows flutter app developers to create a backend server for the application.

Flutter initially being an open-source UI framework for the frontend cordially works with Dart to complete the front-end and backend of the application.

5. App migration and support

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Once the development and deployment of the flutter application are completed, we as a dedicated flutter app development company offer professional assistance for app migration, plugin development, and integration.

6. Testing and QA solutions

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Our flutter app developers consider testing as a peculiar part of the flutter app development process and thus aim to adhere to the highest quality standards for the applications with stringent QA and testing.

Fast performance on
any device

Goal-driven Intuitive user interfaces that cater to our client’s expectations.

Compatible For
Cross-Platform Performance

Development of dynamic, feature-rich applications that work flawlessly on both mobile and web.

Robust Rendering

Update code and see changes almost instantly, without losing state.


An open-source framework, which is supported by the community and Google.

Great MVP

Building MVP with Flutter can save you up to 70% of the development time.


Flutter is suitable for MVP development and startups — Less time taking, faster development that helps in faster product launch.

Our transparent execution of ReactJS app development

Our customer-centric approach

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Markovate's transparent execution

Transparent execution

Our customer-centric approach

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markovate's execution mobile

Our expert flutter app developers at Markovate strive to deliver the best flutter app development services focused on features, intuitive UI, highest performance, and robust functionality. Here’s an answer to why enterprises choose us for flutter mobile development:

  Customer Satisfaction
  Effective Continuous Communication
  Agile Procedure
  Integrity & Transparency
  A dedicated team of flutter app developers
  On-time Delivery


Our tools & tech expertise

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Convert your product idea into a reality!

After you get in touch with us, our technology consultant will set up a Zoom call and work with you to:

Understand your product and business goals

Analysis how your product can solve a specific business problem

Determine the required team structure

Recommend the most suitable technology stack

Identify any technical risks and key challenges

Estimate the cost and timelines

We understand the confidentiality of your idea, so we will sign a non-disclosure agreement before our scheduled call. Once we have all the details, we will prepare a detailed product development proposal for the stakeholders to review.

Need more info on how we can help? Let's have a chat.

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FAQs about Flutter app development process

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What's New in Flutter 2.5?

Google launched Flutter 2.5 with evidently Substantial Performance Improvements from their contemporary releases. The improvements include:

  • iOS shader warmup, Async tasks, GC & message passing

  • Android fullscreen & Text editing shortcuts

  • Integration tests, Test coverage & Icon previews

Being an experienced flutter app development company, Markovate is well versed with the intricacies of flutter mobile development and ensures the utilization of the best technological advancements and tools that can enable the delivery of a robust mobile product.

Is Flutter good for app development and What are some apps built with Flutter?

When it comes to developing an app that works seamlessly on both Android & iOS, flutter app development is a Savior. Some amazing apps built with the flutter framework are Google Ads, Alibaba, and Postmuse.

How does Flutter Reduce app development costs?

Flutter app development allows writing a single code and then translating it into the native code of various platforms, in addition to its speedy code bindings, scalability, rapid MVP delivery, and numerous available extensions and packages. All of this together contributes to the reduction of app development costs.

Can I use Flutter within my developed application?

There are numerous benefits of flutter mobile development and integration to an existing app is one of them. Flutter can be integrated into an existing application as a library or module, that can then be further imported into Android or iOS (currently supported platform) to render a part of your app’s UI in Flutter.