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We are a part of a technologically advanced generation. Today’s shoppers are tech-savvy, especially with a slew of information available in just a few finger taps; they make decisions in split seconds, which has made having robust mobile apps imperative for retail enterprises.

Holding a decade of experience delivering delightful retail experiences to our clients, we at Markovate know the intricacies of impactful retail mobile app development.

Our team of goal-oriented retail app development experts with their full-stack development capabilities ensure to help retail enterprises leverage the power of IT by offering bespoke digital solutions from scratch using the industry’s most advanced technologies and tools.

Benefits of Retail Mobile App Development for Enterprises

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It’s no news that the retail industry is undergoing a dramatic shift post-pandemic. There are numerous benefits of having a retail mobile app. To help understand better, we have compiled a list of benefits investing in mobile app development for retail entrepreneurs.

Retail Mobile App Development Boosts Enterprise’s Conversion

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Mobile apps support strong connections between brands and customers, leaving a lasting impact on users. Retail mobile app development assists businesses to leverage the benefits of a thriving mobile platform like browsing products, comparing prices and going through reviews on the move, ultimately helping users make informed decisions, in addition to the seamless spread of awareness about discounts, new launches, and promotional offers through a mobile app.

Keep Brand Prominence in the Marketplace

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Many medium-sized businesses, even some small-scale retailers, already have a branded app or are about to release one. They understand the need to adopt new technology and opt for retail app development as early as possible to remain relevant in the rapidly evolving retail space. An app allows retail enterprises to demonstrate products and services, connect with clients, and increase customer retention and loyalty, giving users a better customer experience and a reason to return.

A Great Way to Communicate with Customers

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Feature-rich retail mobile apps with intuitive functionalities like push notifications, reward or loyalty programs, impressive UI/UX based on the user’s interests, and shopping behaviour can offer a great way to communicate with your customers, keep them updated about the price change, offers etc., ultimately leading to increased sales and a strengthened customer-company relationship.

Analytical Capabilities

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Partnering with a trusted mobile app development company can help retail enterprises gather and analyze the statistics of users’ purchases, analytical data of how their customers interact with the app by offering an impeccable retail app with robust features and excellent functionality.

Retail Mobile App Development Trends

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With so many impressive innovations coming online at such a fast rate, it’s has become imperative for retailers to find new ways to connect with their customers at every single touchpoint, every day of their lives.

AR experiences

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Accelerating the shift to digital shopping, retail enterprises today strive to deliver the best industry experience to their customers by investing in Augmented reality for their retail mobile app. Augmented reality apps function as virtual dressing rooms giving users a chance to try on AR clothing, persuading them to finally hit that “buy” button. Renowned brands using augmented reality are Converse, GAP, Tiffany&Co.

Customer assistant chatbots

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Chatbots provide a more innovative way to scale and simplify exceptional shoppers’ purchasing experience. Adding customer assistant chatbots while retail mobile app development facilitates decision-making and order placement for customers, in addition to the improved overall accessibility of product information, ultimately leading to increased customer engagement and conversion rates.

Voice-Assisted Shopping

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Offering voice shopping as a handy tool for your customers is another retail mobile app development trend enterprises are actively adopting. Online shoppers resonate the most with Voice-assisted shopping as it streamlines the digital shopping experiences, lets users know about active or upcoming discounts, deals for products they might be interested in, and enables users to find products based on their search history and preferences automatically.

Transparent execution

Our customer-centric approach

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Markovate's transparent execution

Transparent execution

Our customer-centric approach

Digital Marketing Agency Toronto
markovate's execution mobile

Want to know how we excel at offering the best retail app development services? Well, here’s our little secret – Key elements that we focus on while we develop a retail application.

  Product visualization
  Multi-Device enablement
  Commercial Planning
  Reporting & Analytics
  Independent Testing
  Post-Delivery Support

iphone app development

Our tools & tech expertise

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Convert your product idea into a reality!

After you get in touch with us, our technology consultant will set up a Zoom call and work with you to:

Understand your product and business goals

Analysis how your product can solve a specific business problem

Determine the required team structure

Recommend the most suitable technology stack

Identify any technical risks and key challenges

Estimate the cost and timelines

We understand the confidentiality of your idea, so we will sign a non-disclosure agreement before our scheduled call. Once we have all the details, we will prepare a detailed product development proposal for the stakeholders to review.

Need more info on how we can help? Let's have a chat.

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FAQs about retail application development process

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As a retailer, should I build a mobile app or mobile website?

Building a mobile app or a mobile website depends solely on an enterprise’s business objectives. If the primary goal is to offer mobile-friendly content to a wide range of people, then a mobile website might be the way to go.

Whereas, if the goal is to engage the audience and build a more significant share of the customer base, mobile apps are an excellent resource for communicating with your customers by leveraging user interests, location usage behaviour, and more.

If you cannot decide which is best for your business goals, partnering with a retail mobile app development company can be the best solution. Retail mobile app development experts can help you build a robust mobile product and help better analyze businesses requirements.

Why is mobile app development important for retail businesses?

Mobile apps, in particular, have changed the way retailers present themselves to customers and how new and returning customers perceive them. Further, enterprises that choose retail mobile app development can transform the retail experience, surpassing customer expectations by delivering a unique customer experience. To know more, you can look at the benefits of the retail app development section above to better understand.

Why choose Markovate for retail mobile app development?

Markovate is the finest retail app development company aiming to deliver delightful customer experiences by building robust impact-driven retail mobile apps. Our retail app development experts offer solutions by employing cutting-edge technologies with intuitive designs that engage a greater audience.

What are the critical factors that help in building retail apps that sell?

The key factors that will pave the way for a successful retail mobile application are:

  • User-centric mobile strategy with user-friendly, instinctual interface

  • Easy interactions that ensure speedy performance

  • Personalize user experiences by leveraging analytics tools

  • Ensure that your mobile app is integrated with social media channels

  • The app should be equipped with a robust multi-layered mechanism and should be Scalable enough to support high usage

Partner with a renowned retail mobile app development company to strategize and develop the best suitable retail app for your enterprise.