Goal: Increase App Downloads

To launch your mobile app or to increase app downloads, we recommend choosing the “Increase App Downloads” solution. In this solution, we will provide the following services at a fixed monthly cost.

Our solution to increase mobile app downloads

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Results & ROI

We have combined a set of services in this solution to achieve a specific goal; increase app downloads. With our methods and techniques, we can launch your mobile app and increase your app downloads by over 40%-60% within 3 months. Our app download solution is a 360-degree app marketing solution that can beat your competitors’ app rankings and get your app on the top of Apple App Store and Google PlayStore. In this solution, we also provide our recommendations on how you can improve the app engagement and retention rate.

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Paid traffic campaigns ROI and results
Google Ads is a good tool to generate good quality leads
Google Ads is a good tool to generate good quality leads

App Store Optimization

We do keyword research, suggest app names, and write a description in order to optimize your app for a better app store ranking. We also design beautiful app screenshots and icons to help you rank better on the App Store and Google Play. Users on app stores are primed to make decisions and download an app for their needs. Make sure your app shows up on top with app store optimization.

  • Market Research
  • Keyword Optimization
  • App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Run A/B & Multivariant Testing
  • Tracking and Monitoring

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Universal App Campaign (Google Ads)

A universal app campaign is the best way to market your app to your targeted audience and location. You can show your relevant ads across the Google network and advertising properties such as Search Ads, Display Ads, Gmail, YouTube, Play Store & Apple Store. You can target all of these networks from the same platform and utilize machine learning to display your best performing ads, which helps in cutting down the time needed with manually testing ad combinations and increase your app downloads

  • Understand Your Target Audience
  • Create Attractive Graphics
  • Set Up a Google App Campaign
  • Run A/B & Multivariant Testing
  • Monitor & Optimization

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Markovate is an mobile app development company
Markovate is an mobile app development company

Social Media Ads Campaign

We help businesses establish their local and online presence on social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Our social media specialists collaborate with you to understand objectives. We create the audience strategy, ad copy, and editorial calendar to outline different sets of posts, and create ads targeted to meet specific goals such as increasing app downloads.

  • Plan Marketing Strategy (Choose Audience & Platform)
  • Create Enticing Creatives and Ad Copy
  • Setup Ad Campaign (Budget Distribution & Campaign Management)
  • Run Social Media Ad Campaigns
  • Testing, Tracking & Monitoring

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landing page service

Landing Page & Conversion Optimization

Landing pages are created specifically for marketing objectives, such as booking appointments, signing up for a free service or requesting information. Due to high relevancy and a better user experience, landing pages are 95% more effective than websites in converting a visit into a sale. Our landing page experts work with the designer to create a beautiful and aesthetic design. We continuously optimize our methods until we see positive ROI on campaigns. Conversions are our ultimate goal, so we work to see that our campaigns lead to increased app downloads for your business.

  • Landing Page Creation
  • A/B & Multi-Variant Testing
  • Content Optimization
  • Enticing CTA implementation

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landing page service

Increase app downloads - 3 phase approach

We provide end-to-end mobile app marketing solutions for businesses and startups to improve app discovery, increase organic app installs, build engagement and more. Our solution involves app search optimization, universal search ads, landing page optimization, content marketing, etc.

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Analysis helps in coming up with better solutions to increase one's sales

Analyze the marketing niche to provide a turnkey solution to boost app reach and awareness.

Strategize for better performance

Strategize the app marketing campaign using ASO, universal app campaigns, content outreach, and ad campaigns on social media.

A good strategy needs to be properly executed for best results

Execute the app marketing strategy to increase app downloads and improve brand awareness in your niche industry.

App Solution Package Starting at $8000/month

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  • Conversion Optimization
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Frequently asked questions about how to increase app downloads


How do I get more app installs?

Using methods like ASO and Google Ads (UAC) you can appear at the top of Google Play & the Apple Store. Using social media can boost your brand presence, leading to more app downloads.

What is a Universal app campaign?

Universal App Campaigns (UAC) are the platform used by Google Ads to connect their mobile apps with the right users. You can reach out to any custom audience in any location by utilizing machine learning from Google Ads.

How do I increase app downloads organically?

One of the biggest aspects of increasing your app downloads is your app store search rankings. As a result, your app search optimization efforts should start from implementing the right app store keywords. Use the right keywords in the app name, subtitle, description, promotional text, and app store keyword field. Apart from in-app optimization, rating & content marketing are also very important to attract & convert the user.