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Based on the global hub for IT, Toronto, Markovate is an acclaimed digital product and mobile app development company. Driven by client growth and experiences, we pride our highly experienced product engineer’s ability to turn the most complex business requirements into intuitive future-proof mobile app solutions and digital products from conception to launch and beyond.

Our proficiency lies in

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Our arsenal of product strategists, designers, and delivery leaders excel at helping innovators and entrepreneurs build the right product that solves real user problems and position them to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Having gathered years of experience, Markovate’s approach is proven to achieve successfully deliver a market fit product, every time.

Our Approach 

Our team of product strategists and design thinkers, with their technical excellence, bridge the gap between the initial problem statement and the solution’s evolution into a future-ready mobile product. Keeping in view the future vision of the product, we cater to the entire horizon of the product development cycle, right from mapping the idea, analyzing the problem statement, to validating challenges, finding solutions, instituting efforts, and then building new feature-rich mobile products that reciprocate into amplified growth for enterprises and high-growth startups.

Product MVP Development

We know what it takes to build a product that will derive significant value with a highly positive market impact. Thus, we aim to develop minimum viable products equipped with scalable infrastructure, easy distribution, user-centric design, and flexible expansion of functionality. Our MVP development process involves analyzing the product vision, understanding what is viable for the customers, and then demonstrating how the initial concepts will develop a differentiated product on time, ensuring optimum performance and a strong market impact.

Mobile App Development 

We at Markovate are obsessed with using the most innovative and up-to-date technologies to ensure the delivery of mobile app solutions on time. Our course of action is simple yet incredibly powerful. We develop impressively designed, technically advanced, robust mobile applications well equipped with features and functionalities aligned with the core business goals.

Our Mobile App Development Services include:

  Android App Development
  iOS App Development
  Hybrid App Development
  Web App Development
  ReactJS App Development
  NodeJS App Development
  Flutter App Development
  Cross-Platform App Development

Agility in Action – Markovate’s Approach to Work

From discovery until deployment and beyond!

  UI/UX Design
  Quality Assurance

Industries We Serve

  Healthcare App Development
  Fintech App Development
  Retail App Development
  Travel App Development
  On-Demand App Development
  SaaS Application Development

Our values

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With over a decade of experience in building mobile apps, web, and software, we expertly navigate our clients through their digital transformation. We empower them with agile and scalable digital solutions so they can take their product to the market and meet their business goals.

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