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We are a renowned mobile app development company aiming to offer the best cross-platform apps that derive higher engagement and maximum business market penetration. Our mastery of cross-platform application development results from the combined efforts of an outstanding tech-savvy team that includes scrum masters, project managers, software developers, UI/UX designers, testing engineers, and stakeholders.


What is cross-platform application development?

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Cross-platform application development refers to building a single application that can work seamlessly on various operating systems instead of developing different app versions for each platform.

Cross-platform app development frameworks we love

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Our team help enterprises engage their potential users across various platforms and devices with high-performing, scalable cross-platform apps. We focus on planning, well-strategic execution, and optimum quality checks to ensure that the end mobile product matches our client’s business goals.

Further, here are the frameworks we prefer using for cross-platform app development:


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One of our most favourite cross-platform app development frameworks is Flutter. Google’s UI building framework & a software development kit – Flutter is the newest yet fastest evolving cross-platform app development framework. Empowered with an intuitive interface, a library of elements, and many templates, we at Markovate use Flutter to develop interactive, flexible, and UX-rich NextGen Android and iOS apps.

React Native

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Another most preferred cross-platform app development framework is ReactNative. Created by Facebook, ReactNative is an open-source UI software framework used to develop applications with native platform capabilities for Android, iOS, Web and Windows. Our expert ReactNative developers intend to utilize the most advanced tools and developing techniques to offer a performant and innovative cross-platform mobile app solution reciprocating business growth and impact.


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Ionic is another robust cross-platform application development framework that offers an app’s distinctive look and feel and UI interaction. It profoundly helps our cross-platform app developers build leading cross-platform mobile apps and Progressive Web Apps using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Our cross-platform app development process

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Discover how we help enterprises accelerate their time-to-value and reimagine business with Markovate’s best-in-class cross-platform app development services.

1. Initial discussion & internal analysis

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  • Validating the app idea

  • Identify potential development challenges

  • Evaluating the ultimate app goals

2. Wireframing and designing

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  • Research, compare & validate the functionalities

  • Strategize UI/UX development

  • Unique and intuitive designs

3. Development process

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  • Iterative development methodology

  • Design screens and coding

  • Perpetual client consultation

4. Testing

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  • Intensive testing

  • Identify product bottlenecks and defects

  • Fix issues and optimize the app performance

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The primary aspect that intrigues the demand for performant cross-platform applications is its ability to bring more consistency and agility to business. Further, holding a decade of experience in mobile app development, Markovate strives to equip high-growth startups and enterprises with intuitive & robust cross-platform apps that offer a distinct market impact.

  Reusable Codes
  Easy access to plug-ins
  Uniformity & agility
  Faster development
  Ideal for prototyping

Transparent execution

Our customer-centric approach

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Markovate's transparent execution

Transparent execution

Our customer-centric approach

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markovate's execution mobile

Want to know how we excel at offering the best cross-platform app development services? Well, here’s our little secret – Key elements that we focus on while we develop a cross-platform application.

  Detailed Architecture & Valuable Prototyping
  Content Prioritization & Intuitive Navigation
  Make Interface Elements Clearly Visible
  Focus on Speed & Minimized Data Input
  Touchscreen Target Sizes
  Seamless Experience Across Devices


Our tools & tech expertise

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Convert your product idea into a reality!

After you get in touch with us, our technology consultant will set up a Zoom call and work with you to:

Understand your product and business goals

Analysis how your product can solve a specific business problem

Determine the required team structure

Recommend the most suitable technology stack

Identify any technical risks and key challenges

Estimate the cost and timelines

We understand the confidentiality of your idea, so we will sign a non-disclosure agreement before our scheduled call. Once we have all the details, we will prepare a detailed product development proposal for the stakeholders to review.

Need more info on how we can help? Let's have a chat.

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FAQs about cross-plateform app development process

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Which programming language do you use for cross-platform app development?

Our expert cross-platform app development team at Markovate has high competence in programming languages. They use React Native, Flutter, and Ionic frameworks to offer a flawless UI/UX experience while developing a cross-platform application.

What are the advantages of building cross-platform apps compared to pure native mobile or web apps?

A few of the significant benefits of opting for cross-platform app development over any other type of app development is the single open code used for multiple platforms, ultimately resulting in faster growth, less testing time and easier usage of plugins.

How can I track the progress of development?

Markovate utilizes the best project management tools for real-time insights and effective communication as a proficient cross-platform app development company. While offering mobile app development services, we usually use JIRA, Asana, Trello, and Clubhouse, whichever our client chooses to go ahead with.

Once the cross-platform app development has been completed, do you assist in publishing and maintaining the developed application?

From sprints to launch, being a tech-savvy cross-platform mobile app development company, we assist enterprises smoothly publishing the app on the respective app store. Further, we believe that maintenance is an essential aspect of any app development process; thus, we strive to do our level best to offer services aligned with your business objectives.