We provide a complete marketing automation system for better and faster results

Marketing automation services

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Generate more leads or re-engage existing ones with marketing automation

Strategy & Data Management
Strategy & Data Management

We look at your existing database to segment your lists for behavioral targeting. Our team will put together a marketing automation plan to increase sales and qualified leads.

End-to-End platform services
End-to-End platform services

We create marketing campaigns, email templates, and workflow in an automation platform. Our objective is to attract, convert, and nurture your end users by offering them data-driven offers.

Marketing automation analysis and reporting
Marketing automation analysis and reporting

We audit the automation workflow and run A/B tests campaigns to maximize your ROI. We also add new workflows and edit existing messages based on the data we collect from the automated campaigns.

Marketing automation use cases

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Internal Tasks & Reminders

We set up systems to send internal tasks and reminders. By conducting tests to ensure all relevant systems are integrated, we keep the workflow updated.

Cultivate Subscribers

Using automation workflows we nurture existing and new blog subscribers. We set up email campaigns, design landing pages, and measure campaign results.

Retarget Abandoned Users

E-commerce users see additional offers and discounts via ads and emails. We set up remarketing ad campaigns in Google AdWords to reinforce brand image.

Behavioural Targeting

We employ ads, emails, look-alike lists, and website integration including chat-bots, intercom, and webhooks. That way, we reach buyers when they are most likely to purchase from you.

Nurture Existing Customers

Reconnect with old leads and existing customers to increase revenue by showing them the value of add-ons, new services, or business products offered.

Increase Brand Followers

Using exit and intent technology, we display personalized messages to users. Desktop-notifications, live messaging, and iMessage campaigns help convert visitors into brand followers.

Data-driven campaigns

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We provide a complete data-driven marketing automation workflow to increase your leads and sales for your products or services. Workflow audits, data analysis, and detailed reports will show you the most profitable route.

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