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Website Design & Development + App Development (iOS & Android) + Digital Marketing

About Project

A platform where home cleaners can provide services to homeowners as per their own schedule and work preference.

SKEP Home is redefining the way that people think about home cleaning. In addition to keeping homes tidy, SKEP is creating a space for cleaners to run their own business.

Services Provided: Website Design & Development + App Development (iOS & Android) + Digital Marketing

skep home

Marketing Solutions provided by Markovate

We followed a simple 4 step approach that included Market Research, Visual Identity, Branding and Development to increase website traffic.

1. Website Design

skep home case study
skep home case study

Desktop View

Mobile View

2. App Design & Development

app design - skep home

2. Graphics

skep-home graphics
skep-home graphics

3. Typography

typography skep

4. Facebook & Display Advertising

Homeowner FB ad skep
Homeowner FB ad 3


26% up

SEO Traffic

59% down

Bounce Rate

82% up

App Downloads

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Grow Your Business

We help businesses like Skep Home to achieve specific business goals by implementing suitable development and marketing solutions. If you need help designing your website or with app marketing, get a custom proposal for your business. We will provide a 30-minute consultation and share ideas or strategies for your business growth.