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About Project

Today’s customers expect to be known. They’ve learned from years of personalized e-commerce experiences to expect you to know their name, remember what they like and anticipate what they want.

Nōwn gives them the only customer recognition POS platform with the tools that help them know their customers – and keep them coming back.

  • Services Provided:
  • Website Design & Development
nown pos website design

Marketing Solutions provided by Markovate

We followed a simple 4 step approach that included Market Research, Visual Identity, Branding and Development to increase website traffic.

1. Website Design

nown mobile screens

Desktop View

Mobile View

2. Motion Graphics

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“Team was  successfully able to
deliver a conversion centric website”

Sara Scott

Sara Scott
Marketing Manager, Nōwn POS


26% up

Conversion Rate

59% down

Bounce Rate

82% up

Mobile Traffic

Tools And Technology

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We help businesses like Nown achieve specific business goals by implementing suitable marketing solutions. If you need help building your app or with app marketing, get a custom marketing proposal for your business. We will provide a 30-minute consultation and share ideas or strategies for your business growth.