Increase Sales + App Downloads + Growth Strategy + Community Building

About the Client

Hawaii Revealed a.k.a Wizard Publications publishes travel guidebooks for the islands of Hawaii. They launched a new app for their guidebooks readers. Their primary goal was to promote the app, increase downloads, and create brand affinity. In addition to that, they also wanted to increase their guidebook sales on Amazon in addition to Barnes and Noble. Markovate worked with Hawaii Revealed stakeholders by consulting them about various marketing channels. We also helped them with automation. Within a three month period, we increased their book sales and was able to get over 40,000 downloads for their app.

Markovate has provided an extraordinary help in growing traffic and users of Within a short period of time, we have seen a great increase in our numbers. The team is highly talented and dedicated.“- George, Thompson, Vice President, Wizard Publications

Marketing Solutions provided by Markovate


We followed the traffic data using analytics tools and created a conversion flow for their website. Next, we updated the navigation and website flow to enhance user’s journey to increase purchases on the pages that could convert the most. We also optimized marketing channels to increase awareness for their books and app.


Hawaii Revealed had a beta launch for their app first and a final public release a month later, which is why app marketing was essential for them. In order to generate buzz before their launch, we promoted their app for both releases. What’s more, Markovate also created promotional videos for their app and published them on social media. The organic and paid promotions resulted in 3,000 new subscribers before their beta launch as well as over 10,000 downloads within the first few weeks of the app’s launch.


We continuously optimized the current website with new design elements, content, and pages to improve web conversions. We used multiple web hooks along with integrating relevant marketing tools to increase traffic, sales, and subscribers.


Hawaii Revealed guidebooks are the #1 Hawaii Travel Guides in the United States of America. We boosted their traffic by promoting their books and their app using banners, landing pages, and social media posts. Their per post engagement and like rate also increased by 85% on Facebook and Instagram. Here are the results we achieved for them:

  • 2500 Subscribers
  • 10,000 FB
  • 1,800 Insta
  • 20,000+ Social



We help businesses like Hawaii Revealed achieve specific growth by implementing suitable marketing solutions. If you need help growing your traffic or sales, get a custom marketing proposal for your business. We will provide a 30-minute consultation and share ideas or strategies for your business growth.