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About the Client

LSB also known as Lofranco Scarola Blasi is a team of paralegals based in Mississauga, Ontario. They provide legal consultation on car accidents, whiplash injuries, and traffic tickets. Their team of highly professional paralegals reached out to us to establish an online presence. They had no online presence when we started working with them, but with our digital marketing solutions, their online traffic grew tremendously. Their main goal was to increase brand awareness and get new clients.

Markovate helped build the client’s online presence and within two months, we created a new website, set-up social media channels, paid campaigns, and created content for lead generation. As a result, they started getting 25 to 30 leads every month and they started ranking at the top of search engines for their keywords.

Marketing Solutions provided by Markovate


Lofranco Scarola Blasi wanted a unique website to complement their parent company, Lofranco Corriero. Based on their requirements and business goals, we designed a responsive, multi-lingual website for their niche audience. They wanted a clean, white website to resonate with their branding. What is more, we used large fonts on the site to make all the text easy to read. We delivered the website in less time than they expected and exceeded their expectations. We also optimized the website for search engines rankings along with helping them with website copywriting such as blog posts.


We created content for their legal blogs, website, and ebooks. Our goal was to generate monthly ebooks downloads and grow their list of subscribers. We designed and published multiple ebooks in a month and distributed them through their website in addition to social media channels like Twitter. We built a bigger readership for their blogs and increased their website engagement by implementing various growth marketing tools.


We created and managed their paid search campaigns on Google AdWords and Facebook for generating new clients. With the help of paid search management, they got over 25 leads every month via their phone and website. In addition to lead generation, we also monitored the site’s traffic using analytics tools. Markovate optimized their website for better conversion and ROI which stands for return on investment. Their cost per lead dropped from $120 to $80 and their conversion rate increased by 8 percent. The average conversion rate for businesses in the legal industry is 3 to 5 percent.


To keep them active on social media, we generated monthly social traffic from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. We posted daily updates about the legal industry and their company to engage readers to grow their followers count. We also wanted their followers to know about the new ebooks and blogs, so we set up an automation platform to send out auto-feeds with the newly published content on social media. Even though LSB competes with well-established law firms in the city, the social traffic generated a lot of website visits and a few warm leads.



We help businesses like LSB achieve specific growth by implementing suitable marketing solutions. If you need help growing your traffic or sales, contact us to learn how we can help you. We will provide a 30-minute consultation and share ideas or strategies for your business growth.